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The simpler, the better... there's nothing more timeless that these plant dyed silk scarves and bandanas, wear it as a usual scarf, as a headband or in a ponytail, around your wrist... wherever you like.

They were hand dyed at my studio in New Mexico using natural extracts, kitchen scraps, leaves, roots.

Be advised that my fabrics are naturally dyed by hand and tend to have stains, darker spots. As any artisanal product, some parts more than others but we try to use all of them (leaving the ones with more stains for backs and inside whenever is possible) in order to follow a zero waste process.

A classic accessory suitable for kids and adults and dyed in this beautiful and earthy tones, timeless and versatile.

Naturally Dyed 100% Silk Scarves Neutral Earthy tones

SKU: 2519869
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